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Mail_mimeDecode Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 _boundarySplit ($input, $boundary)
 _decode ($headers, $body, $default_ctype= 'text/plain')
 _decodeBody ($input, $encoding= '7bit', $charset= '')
 _decodeHeader ($input)
 _fromCharset ($charset, $input)
 _getXML ($input, $indent=1)
 _getXML_helper ($hdr_name, $hdr_value, $indent)
 _parseHeaders ($input)
 _parseHeaderValue ($input)
 _quotedPrintableDecode ($input)
 _splitBodyHeader ($input)
 decode ($params=null)
getMimeNumbers (&$structure, $no_refs=false, $mime_number= '', $prepend= '')
 getSendArray ()
 getXML ($input)
 Mail_mimeDecode ($input, $deprecated_linefeed= '')
 raiseError ($message)
uudecode ($input)

Public Attributes


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